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Boston Tea Party’s New Breakfast Menu

Written by Collette Dyson

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day and given it’s ability to make or break our mornings, we feel that it’s pretty important to get it right. So, when we heard that Boston Tea Party had launched its new seasonal breakfast menu, we could wait to see what was in store.

The staff at Honiton Boston Tea Party are always extremely friendly and even when we arrived at 9am on a Sunday morning they were cheerful and welcoming. We’ve blogged about Honiton Boston Tea Party before and it’s safe to say that it’s a firm Devon Foodie favourite. 

boston tea party breakfast

Since every good breakfast starts with a nice brew, we just had to try the Guest House Coffee. It’s new to the breakfast list and is a single estate blend coffee Terruno. This Mexican coffee is from one of the most Northern coffee producing regions in the world and the volcanic soil micro-climate is what helps give the coffee its distinct flavour. I found it to have a softer and less harsh taste than a lot of coffee, which I found very palatable. 


The new breakfast dishes takes inspiration from a variety of places, including the Deep South of America and Denmark. Here’s what’s new on the menu:

Chedder and jalapeño Corn bread. Inspired by the Deep South with spicy sweet corn bread topped with a fried egg,  smashed avocado, tomato salsa, yogurt tobacco and maple syrup.

Rye Bread Porridge 

Avocado on Sourdough Toast. Smashed avocado on sourdough toast, crunchy radish, mustard cress and two soft poached eggs. Boston Tea Party Breakfast

Choosing between these options was pretty tough for me, as all three of them sounded delicious. But the Rye Bread Porridge pipped the others to the post. The Danish tradition of using rye bread for making porridge was most intriguing. This was going to be either a horrible or – as I’ve found with BTP in the past – a little triumph! 

If your a fan of apple strudel then you will love this porridge. It’s lighter and creamier in texture than I had anticipated. The rye acts like oats and gives the porridge its bite. As I suspected – the dish really worked. The bowl was finished off with a topping of sultanas and caramelized apple compote, which was full of fruit and cinnamon spice reminiscent of an apple strudel. I really enjoyed the Rye Porridge and it’s certainly different (in a good way). 

My husband prefers the more traditional style of breakfast and so he didn’t find anything that tempted him from the new menu. Instead, he opted for the West Country Breakfast which was a more than adequate combination of sausage bacon, Lots of baked beans, baked tomatoes, toast and scrambled eggs made with the addition of tomato and basil. Apparently this was delicious – albeit a tad on the pricey side for a traditional breakfast at £8.50 

So next time you’re wondering where to grab breakfast, I’d recommend that you check out where your nearest BTP is. There’s plenty of choice (including vegan & veggie options) and I guarantee you’ll find something that takes your fancy.




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