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Farm Wilder: A New Kind of Meat Box

*We were offered the opportunity to try a complimentary Farm Wilder meat box in exchange for sharing our honest opinion on our website*

We’ve all heard the reports about the decline of our bees and pollinating insects. It makes for depressing reading and all too often we feel helpless to do much about it. But there’s a new kind of meat box on the market that promises to do it’s bit to make a positive change: Farm Wilder.

What IS Farm Wilder?

The premise of Farm Wilder is simple. They select and label produce from the most wildlife friendly farms around. So, when you buy Farm Wilder produce you know you’ll be helping bring back wildlife, and supporting the change to a sustainable way of farming.

The farms they source their meat from are those where endangered wildlife is still abundant. Farms where birds like the Cuckoo and Corn Buntings are still thriving or rare butterflies like the Marsh Fritillary and the Adonis Blue can we found. Farm Wilder also work closely with charities such as Butterfly Conservation, The Wildlife Trusts, RSPB and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group to help these farmers nurture endangered species and maximise biodiversity.

What do Farm Wilder sell?

Farm Wilder supply their customers with high-quality meat from Devonshire farms. There are three different varieties to choose from, including Fritillary Butterfly Beef, Cuckoo Beef, and Cuckoo Lamb. Each of these varieties is obviously named after the endangered species it helps to protect and they are only available in season (lamb is currently out of stock but expected back in August). For our part, we tried a box of their Fritillary Beef..

Our thoughts on Farm Wilder Produce

Our box of beef arrived well packaged with plenty of eco-friendly insulation to keep it cool. Included inside were the following cuts:

  • Beef Diced Shin
  • Rolled Beef Silverside
  • 1 BBQ Beef Steak
  • 2 Beef Minute Steaks

We promptly looked up the prices of our meat online and were pleasantly surprised to find that they were all affordable – despite the obvious quality. The colour of our meat was a deep red and it was obviously very fresh. The use by date gave us just enough time to plan our meals ahead of time.

Over the course of the following week, we tried each of the cuts in a myriad of different ways – from aromatic beef curry to Moroccan tagine, and steak and chips. Overall, we were really impressed by the flavour and taste of Farm Wilder beef. For a long time, we’ve been telling ourselves that we’re going to start buying our meat exclusively from sustainable, high-welfare farms and shops. Now, we think we might have found the place! We wouldn’t hesitate to try their other boxes and we really support their cause.

Find out more: www.farmwilder.org


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