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Jasmine Thai Exeter

Lunch at Jasmine Thai

Review by Collette Dyson This lunch was complimentary and all views are her own.

Next time you’re in Exeter and you’re after a quick and tasty lunch, might I suggest trying Jasmine Thai’s new lunchtime tapas menu?

We visited Jasmine Thai on a rainy Saturday lunchtime, where we were met by two friendly waitresses and taken to our table. The restaurant itself is a large, open plan affair with split level dining and contemporary decor throughout. Whilst we gave the new menu the once over, we munched on a complimentary bowl of plain & spicy prawn crackers with a sweet chili dip. These were surprisingly crisp and not at all oily, as they so often can be.

Thai Tapas in Exeter

The idea of small tasting bowls appealed to us in more ways than one. Sampling two or three different dishes at once makes lunch more fun as there is more variety on offer. Likewise, the smaller sizes are well suited to midday dining.
There is a good selection of set tapas meals at Jasmine Thai, ranging from a reasonable £12 to £14. We decided to try the Set Tapas Lunch and when our dishes arrived they were beautifully presented, looking vibrant, fresh and appetizing. 

My husband is a real meat fan, so he promptly opted for The Jasmine (£12.95). This consisted of Chicken Green Curry, Pork Belly Kra Paow, Chicken Satay Sticks & Jasmine Rice. The spicy pork dish had a wonderful kick to it and the meat was deliciously tender. Meanwhile, the classic green chicken curry was creamy and fragrant, serving as a nice counterbalance to the spiciness of the pork.

Vegan Thai Tapas

I decided to try The Vegan (£11.95). I’m not a vegan myself, but I occasionally prefer to go meat-free. I also find that it’s a good indicator of the skill of a chef. Vegetarian and vegan dishes can be delicious when cooked well and I felt that Thai cuisine should lend itself to the skillful cooking of vegetables.

The set vegan tapas selection consisted of Jasmine Rice, two Thai Spring Rolls (plus sweet chili dip), Tofu Red Curry and Vegetable Sweet & Sour. The red curry was deliciously creamy and fragrant. It was just the right size for a light lunch and the bite-sized pieces of vegetable and tofu were excellently cooked. Likewise, the mixed vegetable sweet & sour was fresh and zingy; pairing very nicely with the fluffy bowl of jasmine rice. My spring rolls were surprisingly flavoursome and light; unlike the usual slimy and unpleasant fried mass, you so often get served at pan-Asian restaurants.

Overall, I was impressed by the vegan choices on offer at Jasmine Thai. All of the ingredients were cooked perfectly and retained their flavor well. I especially liked the red curry and definitely return to eat this again!

Should you visit Jasmine Thai, Exeter?

We would certainly recommend lunch at Jasmine Thai. The staff are incredibly friendly and attentive and the food is excellent if you’re a fan of Thai cuisine. Our entire meal was ordered and eaten within an hour, making it a good choice of lunchtime venue for a business lunch or a casual meet-up with friends. The tapas style allows you try a little bit of everything and if you or your company are vegan, there is plenty on offer too.


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